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Year 6 showed off their fabulous dance moves at last night’s 'Leaver’s Disco’. They all looked amazing in their party outfits and enjoyed a fun time together, out on the playground, with DJ Butler’s summer tunes on the sound system. They feasted on pizza and Eaton Cocktails!

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Shakespeare Class enjoyed a fabulous day at Rushden lakes. After walking to the lakes we were met by Katie from The Wildlife Trust and James from Fabula Arts.

They took us around the main lake where we were introduced to different aspects of nature through poetry and arts based activities. This included making our own vocal music about the willow tree, creating our own moth art as well as our own Cinquain poems about a heron.

After having a well deserved lunch we then played hide and seek in the play area before heading back to school - tired but fulfilled after a really fun day.

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This Friday the Euro 2020 Football Tournament kicks off. Shakespeare Class are holding a class sweepstake and teams were selected this week. Alyssia and Summer put up a Euro display in the corridor which looks great. The winner of the tournament will be presented with the trophy when the tournament ends in July. Alyssia and Summer

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Shakespeare Class showed off their artistic flair this week, sketching parrots from the Amazon rainforest with Mrs Eaton - they used a range of media to complete their work including charcoal, crayon, water colours and Aquarelle pencils. I think you'll agree that their work is fabulous.

Left to right - Tallyn, Alyssia, George, Amelia, Harley, Courtney, Ellie B, Ellie F, Grace 


Today Y6 researched solar eclipses and found out that an eclipse is an astronomical event which occurs when the Earth, sun and moon line together. the moon casts a shadow over Earth. We learned that we should never try to look at the eclipse without proper eye protection as it can cause retinal burns that cannot be repaired.

So that we could observe the eclipse safely we made different solar eclipse viewers out of cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and white paper. Some worked better that others. By Amelia, Zak and Tyler