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Yesterday was Disability Awareness Day and we learnt about lots of different disabilities; mental as well as physical. Some of the disabilities we learned about included: blindness, deafness and also autistic spectrum disorder.

We were lucky enough to have a Zoom call from a lady called Helen who works for Blind Dogs for the Blind. She told us that some blind people use guide dogs to find their way out but some choose to use white canes. Guide dogs have white harnesses so you we were asked not to distract or pet these dogs whilst they are working as it could distract them.

For deaf people, we learnt the alphabet to spell out words in sign language. We also learnt how to sing Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. We learned about the different causes of blindness, there was: retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and we were actually able to see what it was like to have these conditions using special glasses.

We also watched a special presentation from Kayla, one of Alfred Street’s own, who made the brave decision to have her leg amputated when she was a pupil in Year 4. She told us that she lets nothing get in her way or stop her doing what she wants to do. Her bravery really inspired us all. We asked her brother Joshua to thank her for sharing her amazing story with us all.

We learned an important message, that all people no matter what their disability, just want to be treated with respect and kindness the same as everyone else.

By Bradley and Courtney (Shakespeare Class Councillors)

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WWII day with Portals from the Past, who provided us with an inspiring history workshop, was a great success today. Children enjoyed the chance to dress up wearing some fabulous costumes including: evacuees, Walter Tull, soldiers, land girls and air-raid wardens.

They were taught, in great detail, the events that led to Britain and her allies defeating Germany and the axis powers. The children impressed our visitor with their extensive knowledge of the key events but were able to extend their understanding of life during the blitz, the home front and home guard, rationing and evacuation.

There were also a range of WWII artifacts to observe including soldier's uniforms, survival kits, helmets, weapons, including rifles and ammunition. They had a go at testing how steady their hand might have been for bomb disposal and also code braking.

The afternoon was rounded off with drill practice; a great time was had by all.


Y6 love Maths and some of us are very skilled at problem solving. Tallyn and Bradley showed great resilience today.

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Shakespeare Class discussed different types of bullying and thought about how people feel in these situations. We thought about ways to prevent bullying and how we might help if we suspected someone might be being bullied. We designed posters on jigsaw pieces to show our determination to stop bullying and also to celebrate the fact that we are all unique and wonderful.

Some of us rehearsed, and then performed an anti bullying play which told the story of Charlie who was being put under pressure by a group of older children. We learned about the need to speak out and do the right thing rather than ignore bullying.


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When World War 2 started Britain suffered a shortage of some food types. They were able to grow a lot of their food but the rest came over on ships from abroad. The Germans tried to make the British people give up by bombing the ships, hoping that the people would starve and surrender. To make it fair, the government started rationing to ensure that people were given an equal amount. Due to the fact that sweets were rationed there were not a lot of overweight people during wartime.

We were surprised when we weighed out the small amount of rations that each adult received. Even though we were learning about history we also did some maths to convert ounces to grams and shillings to pence. By Amelia

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