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We watched and carried out an example of an effective short workout. The workout increased our heart rate. We thought about effective exercises for low, full, core and upper body.

We then made up our own workout routines and challenged each other to complete them. We set ourselves 20 seconds for each exercise with a 15-second break in between. Then, we made adjustments to our workouts to make them more strenuous.

By Jayden







Shakespeare Class were getting musical this week. The whole class were set a music lesson all about syncopation. They learned a new song and performed syncopated rhythms. We were really impressed with their performance. 🎼🎵🎵

Music 1


Shakespeare Class have been keeping 'Lockdown Fit' with the help of Marcus Rashford and Joe Wicks this week. Has everyone at home got back into the 'PE with Joe Wicks'? They're a real workout!

keep fitkeep fit 2keep fit 3

Today we looked at how sedimentary rocks are formed. We have already learned about igneous and metamorphic rocks. We used chocolate to model how sediments are forced together, when pressure is applied, to form rock.

We grated some milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Then we layered the chocolate in a plastic cup and applied pressure to the chocolate. This caused it to become one solid rock.

Then for the best bit - we ate the chocolate!

By Jayden and Csongor


During Hitler’s reign over Germany he enforced lots of rules that discriminated against Jewish people. In our classroom after lunch our teacher allowed some of us to choose any drink we wanted – orange juice, milk shake or water but she told some of us (we later found out it was those of us in Tigers) that we could only have water. We then learned that this was to represent how the Jews were treated. Those of us who were only allowed water were not told why.

Kaycie-Mai said she felt hurt, like she didn’t matter, and didn’t know why she wasn’t allowed a choice.

Ellie felt like the teacher didn’t care about her or that she must have done something wrong.

Ellie B, who was given a choice of drink, refused because she felt bad for her friends who could only have water.

We looked at different sources of evidence to find out about the rules which included:

  • Jewish people being forced out of their homes
  • Having to wear yellow stars
  • Being forced to leave their towns and villages to live in ghettos
  • Having to give up all of their valuable belongings
  • Not being able to marry non Jews

 Later, we all wrote letters to express our shock and horror at the treatment of Jewish people.   

By Ellie B and Csongor (Shakespeare Class Councillors)

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