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WWII day with Portals from the Past, who provided us with an inspiring history workshop, was a great success today. Children enjoyed the chance to dress up wearing some fabulous costumes including: evacuees, Walter Tull, soldiers, land girls and air-raid wardens.

They were taught, in great detail, the events that led to Britain and her allies defeating Germany and the axis powers. The children impressed our visitor with their extensive knowledge of the key events but were able to extend their understanding of life during the blitz, the home front and home guard, rationing and evacuation.

There were also a range of WWII artifacts to observe including soldier's uniforms, survival kits, helmets, weapons, including rifles and ammunition. They had a go at testing how steady their hand might have been for bomb disposal and also code braking.

The afternoon was rounded off with drill practice; a great time was had by all.