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Blackman Class – Y5 – Science – Electricity POP Task
To finish off our electricity topic with a metaphorical bang (rather than an actual one!) we have designed and made some ‘light up’ Christmas pictures! We thought carefully about how to design our picture so that it could incorporate one or two ‘lit’ elements. Once we had drawn our pictures and coloured them in, we got to work making our electrical circuit. We had to choose the correct components to make it work, and then we used our circuit to make our pictures really shine! 💡 ⛄
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Blackman Class - Ancient Egyptian Day
On Tuesday 23rd November, we held our Ancient Egyptian Day. Many of us had come dressed as Egyptians – even our teachers! We began the day by sharing all of our Ancient Egyptian knowledge gained in our topic so far. Mrs Taylor was very impressed by how much we had learned already. Before starting our first activity, we quickly recapped the processes of mummification. We then got to work mummifying an orange. This included scooping out the innards, which some of us found disgusting. However, Mrs Taylor said that we should just be thankful that it wasn’t an actual brain we were scooping out! After that, we dried out our orange before packing it with spices and natron (a mix of salt and bicarbonate of soda). Once it was filled with the natron, we carefully wrapped it up in bandages. We will have to wait for a couple of months before seeing how well it has been preserved.
After break, we learned about Egyptian writing, and studied hieroglyphics. We then had a go at writing messages to our friends in hieroglyphics, which they had to decipher. It was quite tricky because some symbols represented more than one letter.
In the afternoon, we designed a Canopic Jar or Sarcophagus, which we then got the opportunity to make out of clay. Mrs Eaton showed us different techniques of how to work with the clay, and how to add in the detail. We were all really pleased with how well our clay sculptures turned out.
The final part of the day was all about Ancient Egyptian food. We learnt about the most common foods that the Ancient Egyptians would have eaten, and then Mrs Hirtsch prepared an Egyptian Banquet for us. We got to taste: cucumber, celery, melon, dried figs, dates, pomegranate, grapes and bread. This was all washed down with some wine (well….it was blackcurrant squash – but close enough).
We all had a brilliant day, and it was a great way to bring all of our history learning to life.

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Blackman Class - Story Planning

This week, we've been continuing our work on Warning Stories in English. We discussed how these types of stories are structured, and studied how our model text had been planned out. We then had the chance to plan our own version of a warning story. After we'd planned our stories, we shared our work with a partner so that we could articulate our story plan.



Blackman Class went 'ninja' this week, when our Commando Joe mission involved retrieving bells from one hoop, and navigating an obstacle course to return the bells to the other hoop, all whilst trying to go undetected by the blindfolded ninjas! There were some interesting tactics used, not all of them successful. However, we learnt many valuable lessons during our attempt! Great work, Year 5!

y5 mission

Ancient Egyptians

Blackman Class have been continuing their learning about the Ancient Egyptians. This week, they have focussed on what life was like for rich Egyptians. The children researched what a typical rich Egyptian would have worn, and also what a celebration feast would have included. I wonder if you would have enjoyed an Ancient Egyptian Celebration Feast?