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This week in Science, we have continued our learning about plant reproduction. We learnt about both insect and wind pollination in plants, and then used that knowledge to organise a range of statements into a Venn Diagram. We had to think carefully about whether the statements referred to insect pollination, wind pollination, both, or neither. There were some really tricky statements that challenged us, but we showed resilience and tried hard to use any prior knowledge to help us.

Blac 1 blac2
Last week, Blackman Class' Science went BIG! To help us learn more about classifying living things, we went onto the playground to create our own BIG Classification Key. We had to come up with suitable questions to classify our whole class, making sure our questions could only be answered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and that the result split each group as equally as possible. We took photos of each step, and created this amazing 'Blackman Class Classification Key'!


Wow! What a week of crazy scientific fun! Blackman Class loved making an almighty mess with the cornflour slime. We've had a delightful whiff of vinegar in the classroom all week - next week, we get to see what has happened to our vinegar-soaked eggs...we'll keep you posted! We've made a plethora of flying machines - helicopters, areoplanes and even rockets! We've explored reflections and practised writing backwards! We've watched our raisins dance up and down in the fizzy water as the bubbles of carbon dioxide clung to each raisin, and then popped as it reached the surface. And finally, we loved watching the beautiful patterns from our skittle experiment appear before our eyes! It's been quite a week! Science is awesome!
science day
Blackman Class have had a taste-tastic start to the new term. This week, we have carried out a Biscuit Taste Test. We tested five different types of biscuit (such a hardship!) and made notes about their appearance, smell, texture, packaging, and of course....their taste! All this was in preparation for writing our Cold Write persuasive texts. In our writing, we had to convince Mrs. Taylor that our chosen biscuit was the best! 🍪
Back in the Autumn Term, Blackman Class mummified oranges as part of our Egyptian Experience Day. Now, some months later, it was finally time to unwrap our mummified oranges and see how well they had been preserved! I loved seeing the reactions of the children as they carefully unwrapped their oranges! We found that the orange had not rotted at all....but was now very hard and dry. Our embalming seems to have worked well!