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Junior School

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At Alfred Street Junior School the approach of working together is a key element when teaching the Computing Curriculum. By working together, all children can reach their full potential, learn, and adapt to an ever-changing curriculum and see how the skills in computing are implemented into the wider world. For the school to stay up to date with the latest changes in the topic, we use the ‘Purple Mash Computing Scheme’, which is an online resource which is always being updated, ensures coverage and progression within computing, and considers the latest trends, whether that is updates to online safety or new/improved programs. Due to the ever-changing landscape of technology, we believe it is important that this isn’t the only resource used to ensure a full curriculum in computing, which is why our lessons are also based on the needs of our children. Staying up to date with the latest online trends enables us to ensure the children are as safe as possible when using the internet in and outside of school and they know what is considered responsible use of the technology. Computing is a communal subject, having a very hand on practical and visual approach to the subject enables the inclusion for all children including pupils with SEN and EAL to achieve in the subject and the staff to have the confidence to learn new skills through the process of playing, experimenting, imagination and curiosity. Word processing, coding, a range of multimedia applications, online research, and online safety (taught at least once every half-term based on the latest trends or needs of our children) are the core aspects of the subject which must be covered.


As computer scientists the children become more skilled in key concepts of:

  • using text and media,
  • digital images,
  • electronic communication
  • research
  • e safety knowledge
  • Control

Each year the children become more skilled in these concepts building upon their prior knowledge and understanding. Our intention is that when they leave in Year 6, they are able to talk confidently about being safe online, understand when technology can be used to our advantage and have the skills to succeed in an ever-developing digital world.