Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

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Curriculum Overview 

Our curriculum distinguishes between subject ‘breadth’ - the specific aspects of the subjects that are studied and ‘concepts’. These ‘concepts’ are explored in a wide breadth of topics and students return to the same concepts over and over and gradually build their understanding of them. For each of the ‘concepts’ taught there are Milestones, each of which includes the procedural and semantic knowledge students need to understand the threshold concepts, which provide a progression model. 

Within each ‘Milestone’ students gradually progress in their procedural fluency and semantic strength through three cognitive domains: basic, advancing and deep. The goal for students is to display sustained mastery at the ‘advancing’ stage of understanding by the end of each milestone, and for the most able to have a greater depth of understanding at the ‘deep’ stage.  This is based on the Chris Quigley model


Progression Mapping

Values Based Learning:

We use values based learning, which is a rolling programme of focus values. These are introduced in assemblies, discussed in class and promoted through activities and actions. Our values form the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Respect for Website

Recognition boards within each classroom, recognise children’s achievements within these areas, and our weekly celebration assembly provides the opportunity for the children who have demonstrated values that week, to place a stone in our Values jars. Our COJO Curriculum which we develop through our termly ‘Missions’ week and weekly mission tasks also teaches the children about our values and provides them with opportunities to put them into practice.