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The definition of British Values was set out by the government in the 2011 Prevent Strategy and determined that “schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

 At Alfred Street Junior School, we believe it to be an essential part of our duty to prepare our children for life in modern Britain. Children are taught about British Values through PSHE and RE and these are examined and discussed through our delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing children to develop a secure understanding of these through application to their own lives and those of others.  The document below shows which values are covered, in each year group, during each topic. 

British Values are also promoted through assemblies, our whole school values system and structures such as our School Council. We recognise that promoting British Values also carries with it a responsibility to challenge pupils, staff or parents who express opinions or behaviours in school that are contrary to fundamental British values. We look to provide children with opportunities to gain experience beyond their local community, welcoming a range of visitors into school as well as class visits to promote children’s understanding of British Values outside of their own experience.

See our curriculum map below which outlines how British Values are promoted

As part of our push to instil the British Values in our pupils, we also aim to increase tolerance and understanding of those with different faiths and beliefs

In order to do this, assemblies and diversity days will be held throughout the school year.  This will give the children the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understand their place in today’s culturally diverse society.  As well as delivering the teaching ourselves, we will also invite visitors from different cultures and faiths to lead assemblies or within class lessons. Children may also have the opportunity to visit or experience a range of religious centres of worship.

Diversity Map - under development