Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

Telephone: 01933 353762

Our Ethos and Aims are as follows:

  • To provide a happy, caring and secure learning environment in which each child and member of staff may develop to their full potential and where they may have the confidence to express themselves freely.
  • To raise standards of school achievement by setting targets, and monitoring and evaluating attainment.
  • To provide high quality teaching, focused on the prior achievements and learning needs of the children.
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that equal opportunities are given to all children regardless of culture, religion, sex or ability.
  • To recognise and value each individual’s contribution to the life of our school.
  • To have tolerance, understanding and concern for each other.
  • To develop an awareness and concern for the immediate and global environment.
  • To extend and improve our community relationships and to develop strong and meaningful links with our school cluster group.
  • To be an inclusive community, providing for the needs of all our pupils and preparing them for life in twenty first century society.