Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

Telephone: 01933 353762

School Governors at Alfred Street Junior School

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School Governors at Alfred Street Junior School



Mr P SARGENT - serving until 31 August 2022

Vice Chairperson

MRS B Hunt - serving until 31 August 2022 


Mr K O'Connor (Headteacher)

LA Representative

Mrs B HUNT - serving until 31 August 2022 (Pecuniary Interest – NCC Employee)

Co-opted Governors

Mrs L BAKER - serving until July 2019 (Pecuniary Interest – None)


Mrs K FRENCH - serving until 18 April 2021


Mrs L LOCK - serving until 19 May 2020

Parent Governors

Mr D FORMAN - serving until 8 November 2020

Observer Mr C BUTLER - serving until January 2022  (Pecuniary Interest – Deputy Headteacher)

Staff Representatives


Clerk to the Governors


Governor / Committees

Resources (Finance, Personnel, H & S and Buildings)

D Forman, P Sargent, Vacancy

Standards Working Group  (Standards & Curriculum)

L Baker, L Lock, K French, B Hunt

Performance Management

L Baker, B Hunt, P Sargent 

Strategy Group

Chair of Governors (PS), Vice Chair of Governors (BH), Headteacher (KO), Deputy Headteacher (CB), Chair of Standards Working Group committee and Chair of Resources committee.

Safeguarding and SEND

B Hunt, K French

Discipline and Appeals

L Baker, D Forman, L Lock, B Hunt, P Sargent

Pupil Premium

L Lock

Looked After Children (LAC)

B Hunt

Website Compliance

L Lock

Sports Premium

L Lock

Health and Safety

D Forman


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