Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

Telephone: 01933 353762

School Governors at Alfred Street Junior School

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School Governors at Alfred Street Junior School


Acting Chairperson

 Mrs Elizabeth Carr-Archer NLG, appointed 03.04.2019 

(Chair of Governors at Sharnbrook Primary School)

Vice Chairperson

MRS B Hunt - serving until 31 August 2022 


Mr K O'Connor (Headteacher)

LA Representative

Mrs B HUNT - serving until 31 August 2022 (Pecuniary Interest – NCC Employee)

Co-opted Governors

Mrs L BAKER - serving until July 2019 (Pecuniary Interest – None)


Mrs K FRENCH - serving until 18 April 2021


Mrs L LOCK - serving until 19 May 2020


Mr P SARGENT - serving until 31 August 2022

Observer Mr C BUTLER - serving until January 2022  (Pecuniary Interest – Deputy Headteacher)

Staff Representatives


Clerk to the Governors


Governor / Committees

Resources (Finance, Personnel, H & S and Buildings)

L Carr-Archer P Sargent, B Hunt

Standards Working Group  (Standards & Curriculum)

L Baker, L Lock, K French, B Hunt

Performance Management

L Baker, B Hunt, P Sargent 

Strategy Group

Chair of Governors (LC-A), Vice Chair of Governors (BH), Headteacher (KO), Deputy Headteacher (CB), Chair of Standards Working Group committee and Chair of Resources committee.

Safeguarding and SEND

B Hunt, K French

Discipline and Appeals

L Baker, L Lock, B Hunt, P Sargent

Pupil Premium

L Lock

Looked After Children (LAC)

B Hunt

Website Compliance

L Lock

Sports Premium

L Lock

Health and Safety

B Hunt


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