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Junior School

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Our Alfo Awards are held at the end of each half term, where children are recognised for showing the Alfo Values (Positive attitude, Ready to learn, Being focused, Determination, Enthusiasm, Challenging themselves, Self-belief, Honesty, Kindness and Politeness) . Each teacher selects a member of the class, who has shown a specific value. The red carpet is rolled out and parents are invited to the special celebration. Names are read from a golden envelope and children are presented with a once in a life time award.

Who will be our next Alfo Award Winners?

Spring Term 1

              BLYTON                    DAHL                   BLACKMAN                SHAKESPEARE
              Empathy                  Empathy             Empathy                      Empathy
                  Evie                    Jaden               Sophie


             Attainment                 Attainment          Attainment


                Oakleigh                   Jacob               Cullyn                        Marcin

                           Autumn Term 2

             BLYTON                    DAHL                   BLACKMAN                SHAKESPEARE
            Resilience                 Resilience            Resilience                     Resilience
               Nicolai                 Katherine     Owen and Harry P

         Ellie B, Evan and Cailleb

             Attainment                  Attainment           Progress


                Artur                   Bhavini                Alex                        Bradley