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Alfred Street Junior - Academy Consultation.

The Governing Body of Alfred Street Junior School has researched the models of collaboration available to Alfred Street Junior School in response to significant changes in the educational landscape. After thorough research which considered many different models of collaboration, the Governing Body has concluded that it is in the best interests of pupils, parents and other stakeholders to apply to convert to become an academy and join SAF.

At their recent meeting the Governing Body voted in favour of initiating the consultation with our key stakeholders and submitting an application for an academy order to convert the school to an academy and to join SAF. An academy order would confirm whether the Department for Education (DfE) was, in principle, supportive of this option. This is subject to due diligence being undertaken on both sides. Due diligence is a comprehensive and robust process to ensure both parties are fully prepared for joining together and working as one organization.

To read the fill consultation information, please click here.

Welcome to Alfred Street Junior School

We are delighted to welcome you to our newly updated website which is here to help you discover more about the life and work of Alfred Street School, a Community School taking children aged from 7-11 years, in Rushden Northamptonshire.

Alfred Street School is located in the centre of Rushden and is housed in Victorian buildings which give it a distinctive character. The number of pupils which the school plans to admit in any year (the Admission Number) is 60.

Recent developments have included the introduction of a daily breakfast club and an early morning gym club, in addition to a range of after-school and lunchtime clubs. 

AlfredStreetImages29At Alfred Street School we believe in the importance of valuing the individual and in enabling each individual to achieve his/her full potential in a happy, caring and secure environment.

This belief is supported by the aims of the school, which are:

To provide a happy, caring and secure learning environment in which each child and member of staff may develop to their full potential and where they may have the confidence to express themselves freely.

To raise standards of school achievement by setting targets, and monitoring and evaluating attainment

To provide high quality teaching, focused on the prior achievements and learning needs of the children.

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that equal opportunities are given to all children regardless of culture, religion, sex or ability.

To recognise and value each individual's contribution to the life of our school. Tolerance, understanding and concern for each other, the immediate and global environment are to be fostered and encouraged.

To extend and improve our community relationships and to develop strong and meaningful links with our school cluster group.

To be an inclusive community, providing for the needs of all our pupils and preparing them for life in twenty-first century society.

Best Wishes

Mr John Kidney

(Head Teacher)

Sometimes, I wonder where the time goes.   Yet another term comes to an end and still it’s like winter.  Where has the spring got to?  
As I reflect on what we have done this term, there have been a number of highlights.  

Our choir have been performing in the local community, firstly for the local blind association and then at School Sunday at Highfield Road Baptist Church.  I am always so proud of their role as ambassadors for the school.  

Our Year Six quiz team also made me very proud when they took part in the Rushden and Higham Rotary Club Year Six Quiz.  There they competed against teams from the other schools in Rushden and Higham.  After nine rounds, we found ourselves in a tie-break against Henry Chichele School and finally beat them by 1.5 points.  What a thrill to win the cup again.  

Red Nose Day was great fun and everyone dressed in various shades of red.  

Our Easter Egg and Chocolate Raffle was a great success and we raised £190.20 for school funds.

I wish you all a Happy Easter and let’s hope we have seen the last of the snow.

Kind regards

I am really pleased to be able to share some important news with you. Following a number of meetings and discussions involving governors and staff, we have decided to join the Pilgrim Learning Trust.

The Pilgrim Learning Trust is based at the Sharnbrook Academy Federation in Bedfordshire. The trust aims to bring together schools locally who want to work together to share good practice for the benefit of all the staff and pupils. We are very pleased to have been invited to join and we are looking forward to working with other member schools as we work to make Alfred Street an even better school.

If, in the future, we decide to convert to being an academy, this would be possible as a member of the Pilgrim Learning Trust. This would not be a sponsorship or "take-over", it would be us making the decision for ourselves and keeping our independence, identity and autonomy. There is still a lot of thinking to do about this and we will discuss this option with pupils, parents and carers before making any decision.

If you would like to find out more about the Pilgrim Learning Trust, you can visit the website or you can speak to me about it.

John Kidney

Snow is a bit like marmite I always think, you either love it or hate it.  Me, I love it when it first arrives and we have a lovely white world to look at.  However, it soon becomes a problem.  Do we open or do we close?  On Monday, having checked that our site was safe and that we would have enough staff, it was clear that we should open, and what a great day the children had.  

We decided to do something special to focus on the snow.  We brought the whole school together to share snow stories and poems written by former pupils.  Suitably inspired, the children then went off in mixed age groups to write their own snow pieces, some using traditional pencil and paper, others using laptops.  We then did artwork focussed on the snowy scenes around.  The day ended with a snowman building competition.  

It snowed and we made the most of it and had a really enjoyable day.  Mind you, I will be very happy if that is the last snow this winter.  Roll on the Spring, I say.

Kind regards
John Kidney