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On October 3rd 1940, at around 10.15 am, a bomb was dropped on Alfred Street School.  It is hard for most of us to imagine the shock and devastation.  The school was simply going about its normal business when the bomb hit the building, everyone evacuated the premises and, as the news quickly spread across the town, parents and grandparents arrived to find their children.  Sadly seven young people were killed on that morning.

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of that event and on Saturday, 3rd October, at 2.30pm, we will be holding a Memorial Service, to remember what happened on that day and the children who lost their lives.  If you were here in 1940, if you are related to someone who was here in 1940, if you are a former pupil or member of staff, we would love to see you here.  Please come along and join us.

MemorialOn Friday 3rd October 2014 (the 74th anniversary of the Alfred Street School bombing), ex-pupils, who had been at the school at the time of the bombing, visited our school.  That day, the current Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to talk to our visitors and experience first-hand accounts of the day.  This information helped us with our ‘Big Write’ in English, where we were writing a recount of 3rd October 1940.

Mr Kidney invited the ex-pupils that attended Alfred Street at the time of the bombing to a Coffee Morning, where we, the Year 6 pupils were allowed to attend the Coffee Morning and ask our questions.

CommunityDuring this time, pupils took turns in groups to gather details and information about the Bombing of Alfred Street. We questioned the visitors carefully and sensitively, without upsetting them, and the visitors answered back with full and often fascinating detail.

To remember this important anniversary, the visitors came and joined us in our ‘special’ assembly. We all had a minute of silence to remember those seven children who died. We then had recounts written by former pupils read aloud to the school.

To conclude, we all had a brilliant time and thankfully they did too. Next year’s Year 6 will hopefully get to meet them as well on the 75th anniversary, and they will have a good time, like we all did. To finish, we would like to thank all the ex-pupils, who were kind enough to share their stories with us. It was a truly memorable day.

Written by Megan, Susanna and Kiera.

Year 6 pupils of Alfo

Year 3 have been growing fruit and vegetables this year.  Some things were grown in our raised garden area, others were grown in planters made from old tyres.  Here is the first of our harvest.

image1 image 5 image 3

Sometimes, I wonder where the time goes.   Yet another term comes to an end and still it’s like winter.  Where has the spring got to?  
As I reflect on what we have done this term, there have been a number of highlights.  

Our choir have been performing in the local community, firstly for the local blind association and then at School Sunday at Highfield Road Baptist Church.  I am always so proud of their role as ambassadors for the school.  

Our Year Six quiz team also made me very proud when they took part in the Rushden and Higham Rotary Club Year Six Quiz.  There they competed against teams from the other schools in Rushden and Higham.  After nine rounds, we found ourselves in a tie-break against Henry Chichele School and finally beat them by 1.5 points.  What a thrill to win the cup again.  

Red Nose Day was great fun and everyone dressed in various shades of red.  

Our Easter Egg and Chocolate Raffle was a great success and we raised £190.20 for school funds.

I wish you all a Happy Easter and let’s hope we have seen the last of the snow.

Kind regards

I am really pleased to be able to share some important news with you. Following a number of meetings and discussions involving governors and staff, we have decided to join the Pilgrim Learning Trust.

The Pilgrim Learning Trust is based at the Sharnbrook Academy Federation in Bedfordshire. The trust aims to bring together schools locally who want to work together to share good practice for the benefit of all the staff and pupils. We are very pleased to have been invited to join and we are looking forward to working with other member schools as we work to make Alfred Street an even better school.

If, in the future, we decide to convert to being an academy, this would be possible as a member of the Pilgrim Learning Trust. This would not be a sponsorship or "take-over", it would be us making the decision for ourselves and keeping our independence, identity and autonomy. There is still a lot of thinking to do about this and we will discuss this option with pupils, parents and carers before making any decision.

If you would like to find out more about the Pilgrim Learning Trust, you can visit the website or you can speak to me about it.

John Kidney