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Alfred Street Junior - Academy Consultation.

The Governing Body of Alfred Street Junior School has researched the models of collaboration available to Alfred Street Junior School in response to significant changes in the educational landscape. After thorough research which considered many different models of collaboration, the Governing Body has concluded that it is in the best interests of pupils, parents and other stakeholders to apply to convert to become an academy and join SAF.

At their recent meeting the Governing Body voted in favour of initiating the consultation with our key stakeholders and submitting an application for an academy order to convert the school to an academy and to join SAF. An academy order would confirm whether the Department for Education (DfE) was, in principle, supportive of this option. This is subject to due diligence being undertaken on both sides. Due diligence is a comprehensive and robust process to ensure both parties are fully prepared for joining together and working as one organization.

To read the fill consultation information, please click here.

Welcome to Alfred Street Junior School

We are delighted to welcome you to our newly updated website which is here to help you discover more about the life and work of Alfred Street School, a Community School taking children aged from 7-11 years, in Rushden Northamptonshire.

Alfred Street School is located in the centre of Rushden and is housed in Victorian buildings which give it a distinctive character. The number of pupils which the school plans to admit in any year (the Admission Number) is 60.

Recent developments have included the introduction of a daily breakfast club and an early morning gym club, in addition to a range of after-school and lunchtime clubs. 

AlfredStreetImages29At Alfred Street School we believe in the importance of valuing the individual and in enabling each individual to achieve his/her full potential in a happy, caring and secure environment.

This belief is supported by the aims of the school, which are:

To provide a happy, caring and secure learning environment in which each child and member of staff may develop to their full potential and where they may have the confidence to express themselves freely.

To raise standards of school achievement by setting targets, and monitoring and evaluating attainment

To provide high quality teaching, focused on the prior achievements and learning needs of the children.

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that equal opportunities are given to all children regardless of culture, religion, sex or ability.

To recognise and value each individual's contribution to the life of our school. Tolerance, understanding and concern for each other, the immediate and global environment are to be fostered and encouraged.

To extend and improve our community relationships and to develop strong and meaningful links with our school cluster group.

To be an inclusive community, providing for the needs of all our pupils and preparing them for life in twenty-first century society.

Best Wishes

Mr John Kidney

(Head Teacher)

On October 3rd 1940, at around 10.15 am, a bomb was dropped on Alfred Street School.  It is hard for most of us to imagine the shock and devastation.  The school was simply going about its normal business when the bomb hit the building, everyone evacuated the premises and, as the news quickly spread across the town, parents and grandparents arrived to find their children.  Sadly seven young people were killed on that morning.

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of that event and on Saturday, 3rd October, at 2.30pm, we will be holding a Memorial Service, to remember what happened on that day and the children who lost their lives.  If you were here in 1940, if you are related to someone who was here in 1940, if you are a former pupil or member of staff, we would love to see you here.  Please come along and join us.

MemorialOn Friday 3rd October 2014 (the 74th anniversary of the Alfred Street School bombing), ex-pupils, who had been at the school at the time of the bombing, visited our school.  That day, the current Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to talk to our visitors and experience first-hand accounts of the day.  This information helped us with our ‘Big Write’ in English, where we were writing a recount of 3rd October 1940.

Mr Kidney invited the ex-pupils that attended Alfred Street at the time of the bombing to a Coffee Morning, where we, the Year 6 pupils were allowed to attend the Coffee Morning and ask our questions.

CommunityDuring this time, pupils took turns in groups to gather details and information about the Bombing of Alfred Street. We questioned the visitors carefully and sensitively, without upsetting them, and the visitors answered back with full and often fascinating detail.

To remember this important anniversary, the visitors came and joined us in our ‘special’ assembly. We all had a minute of silence to remember those seven children who died. We then had recounts written by former pupils read aloud to the school.

To conclude, we all had a brilliant time and thankfully they did too. Next year’s Year 6 will hopefully get to meet them as well on the 75th anniversary, and they will have a good time, like we all did. To finish, we would like to thank all the ex-pupils, who were kind enough to share their stories with us. It was a truly memorable day.

Written by Megan, Susanna and Kiera.

Year 6 pupils of Alfo

Year 3 have been growing fruit and vegetables this year.  Some things were grown in our raised garden area, others were grown in planters made from old tyres.  Here is the first of our harvest.

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